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Book Licensing

You can license some of my books for republishing under your name to allow you to build a reputation for excellence and authority without having to write your own book. Here are a few testimonials:

I received the books two days ago and have had an unbelievable response.

Believe it or not-  I am down to 10 books left and getting them into people’s hands and mailing off etc. Well received

HOW FAST CAN I GET ANOTHER 100 BOOKS?   I have one client wanting to buy ten copies to put in peoples hands, he called 3 hours after he received a copy.  Even the funeral home I work at, suggested we put it on their website, totally out-of-characterfor them.

Oh by the way, you remember that story, day one after showing Mike’s book with my name on it , the $15k trust sale,,  The added credibility with this book in hand,, $24,683 in pre-needs sales  Day1 –  Scott Behan

“When I added the book to my seminars and consultations, my case acceptance increased and my collections increased over $300,000 last year!” — Dr. Greg Wych, Columbia, SC


12 Author Book Deal

Small Business Renegades

This will be a 12-chapter book with each chapter telling the story of a successful entrepreneur

How it works…

1. There will be 4 featured entrepreneurs with their names on the front of the book. The 4 featured authors plus the other 8 will have their pictures and names on the back cover along with a description of the book.

2. The book will be put on Amazon with each of the 12 authors listed.

3. It will also be put up on Kindle.

4. The retail cost of the book will be $16.95 on Amazon and every author will be able to buy as many copies as they want for half price at $7.95 (you will be given a purchase link once the book is online). You’ll get 20 free copies of the book to get you started.

BONUS: a national syndicated news release will be sent out for every featured author when the book is published. We guarantee it will be picked up by at least 200 news sites and you’ll get a report with links to every site. ($395 value)

5. Authors to be included in the book will be carefully vetted. They must have a great story and principles/ideas that the readers can learn from. Their contact information including website will be listed at the end of their chapter.

6. Each author will be provided with a set of 3D graphics to use in their marketing and humble social media brags when the book is finished.

7. Each author will also be given our special report: 23 ways to use your book to make money in your business including our 5-day cash machine process.

8. One featured author will be given the opportunity to have their chapter be the first chapter in the book.

The writing process…
It’s simple. We put you on a conference call line and interview you for about 30-45 minutes. We transcribe that interview and write your chapter from that transcription. We’ll give it to you for editing and adding your contact information.

From there we assemble the book and put it on Amazon and Kindle.

Each author will have a deadline with the goal to have the book published within a month from the time all 12 authors have been identified.

Contact me to find out how I can help you become a published author.