Bert grew up in a very large family as the youngest of 11 children. So he Wasn’t exactly born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But instead, of whining about hand-me-down clothes and gently used toys, he did something about it.

He started his own leather craft business at the age of 13. Apparently, he had the knack for it — by the age of 16, he had earned his own Dunn 8- Bradstreet rating for his business!

And Since then, he has never looked back. After putting himself through college at Michigan State University with his own earnings, he leapt immediately into the notoriously difficult housing industry, where he was recruited with 12 job offers.

He attained huge success with both America’s largest housing company as well as taking a leadership role in the world’s largest housing project. After 2 decades of boardroom experience, he was recruited into the financial sector‘ But Bert didn’t exactly launch his financial career in the traditional way. His own financial advisor was so impressed with Bert’s investment savvy that he insisted Bert join the firm. Three years later, Bert was ranked #1 on the planet for new firm growth out of a field of over 10,000 financial advisers!

Passionate about creating financial opportunity for all, Bert has served as president of his county’s Estate Planning Council, founded the Bristol Business Network and served on the legislative committee with Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. Currently, the author helps business owners and executives to grow their income by providing consulting, speaking engagements to professional groups, as well as leading a monthly Master Mind group, and Advanced Master Mind group where he is able to share his creative marketing genius, board room experience, and financial acumen.


Leap Over Competition

Leap Over Competition

It’s time to WOW your customers! You will learn 101 of the best proven strategies to grow your income that you can put to work in your business RIGHT NOW! In these pages, you’ll learn new and innovative ways, one idea at a time to:

  • Leap over your competition,
  • Create a customer base that lasts a lifetime,
  • Build relationships with your customers, so they stay with you and don’t even look at your competition,
  • Generate more referrals than you ever thought possible…which will grow your bottom-line without adding to your expenses,
  • Create a loyal fan base that will allow you to sell your business down the line, if you choose (for big bucks!),
  • And much more!!!


Skinny Me In 3

Skinny Me in 3

Weight Loss, 3 Day Diet Plan, 200 New Organic, Gourmet Recipes, Ph Balance, International Foods, Quick and Easy! Detox Bath Recipes, Fifth Avenue School of Modeling tips!

You will develop habits that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fitness, good health and mental clarity. This book describes exciting new ways to prepare your food. Together we will replace bad habits with good ones. SkinnyMe in 3, Energize for Free Naturally has a specialized plan for you that will be incredibility easy to follow, and will change the way you eat forever!